I just had a DNA test on my son and my husband and he's my son father. The birth certificate has my initially husbands name on it and my son has his final name. How do I get each changed?
My son got a ticket and he did not have his license with him. The cop pulled up his info around the laptop, my son verified it was correct and he checked the reg. and insurance. The cop wrote the speeding ticket in the incorrect name, does that void the ticket?
I at the moment engaged to someone that isn my son father. My son father under no circumstances signed the birth certificate, so my son has my final name. What do I really need to do to change my son final name to my married name when it comes time to
I recieved a speeding ticket in PA for going 69 within a 55mph zone. My name around the ticket was written incorrectly with employing part of my middle name, that is hyphenated, with my last name. It's clearly not written appropriately. Grounds to challenge ticket?If you like celine please Visit our celine official website! Happy shopping!