New Era Of Minimalist

posted on 07 Sep 2013 05:15 by ogerspacan1982
Lately, Celine launched a brand new series Trapeze. Trapeze means the swing, that may be to say, casual, trendy, practical, easy but distinctive. It conveys the notion that contemporary minimalist style is appropriate for urban everyday life.
Inspired from the capabilities of other series of Celine bag, you'll be able to see similarities from this new series Trapeze. For instance, it combines the sophisticated temperament of Classic series (lock style), the leisure feeling of Luggage series (folding wings), and also the casual attitude of Cabas series (the envelope structure).
Utility is a single function of this series, so the capacity is large enough for every day use, the Celine bag touches extremely soft. The exquisite design and style with the bag cant be ignored, for instance, it has push kind lock, hugely functional segmentation of inner bag, each shoulder and hand. Apart from, Specifics are ideal integrated in to the overall design and style: tubular manage, composite leather lining, zipper covered with leather to alleviate metal texture.
The match amongst different supplies and colors adds uniqueness for the Celine bag: soft leather with suede, Vernice leather with suede, Leather embossed Python with canvas.
Celine was founded in 1945, by a female designer Celine Vipiana. The very first shop" CELINE, Le bottier pour enfants" was opened in Paris, at that time, Celine was engaged in selling haute customizing boys leather shoes. Although now, it becomes the world-famous French fashion brand.
Regardless of the rapid transform of trends, pragmatism is often the motto of Celine. Luxuriance seems contradictory with pragmatism, but you are able to uncover ideal mixture in Celine.
Because 1959, the primary solutions of Celine were women's handbags. And Celine started to use logo in its bags. The many photos on Celine bags are classical
indicators of Celine, which include the gig, Omega, flowers and semilunar marking.
In 1966, the classic carriage mark came to the planet. This is as a result of that Celines husband is fond of riding, so the noble leisure activity is integrated
Probably the most significant logo of Celine is Arc de Triomphe chain, born in 1973. This logo continues to be used these days, which represents the brand's extraordinary
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