Ten Finest Eurovision Song Contest Winners of All Time

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Here's a plan. Let's possess a competitors in the blandest songs about each year. Let's make it international. And let's show it reside on tv. Effectively they did, and it worked and now - fifty-five years later - the Eurovision Song Contest is still one particular with the most watched tv shows in the planet.
In fairness, when it began in 1956 the songs really did reflect the pop music scene at the time. A single of its troubles although - and some say a single of its charms - is the fact that it spends a lot of your time sitting inside a time bubble and because the music planet modifications about it the Eurovision songs remain the identical. True, there have already been exceptions - Lordi in 2006 getting one particular with the most current - and it has in turn influenced the pop music scene launching bands which include Abba on to the world.
But at the end of the day, the Eurovision Song Contest has under no circumstances been about music but about light entertainment. The voting is usually the ideal bit, not only for watching those carrying out nicely but for watching these carrying out badly. But out of those that did do properly, and win, that are the ten very best of all time? Here is one particular choice. Feel no cost to make your personal within the comments box below.
This can be where it all started. Written by Émile Gardaz and Géo Voumard, this was the winner on the really initial Eurovision Song Contest. It was Switzerland's entry plus the contest was held in Switzerland. Seven countries entered, each with two songs.
"Puppet on a String" - Sandie Shaw (1967)
This catchy little number was Sandie Shaw's thirteenth single, but there was nothing at all unlucky about it as it became 1 with the most memorable Eurovision winners along with a number a single hit single. It was the very first entry sung in English to win the contest (in these days songs had to become sung inside the official language of your nation they represented, a rule that was later scrapped). There have already been more than 200 cover versions of the song in thirty languages - Sandie Shaw herself did versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is in the list in the ten most effective UK entries.
This definitely is what it says around the tin. Composed by Ramón Arcusa and Manuel de la Calva, a lot of the lyrics look to be just "la, la, la", which a minimum of meant it worked it many languages. There was some controversy later as in 2008 a documentary on Spanish television claimed that there was some purchasing of votes - the song came initially by 1 vote over "Congratulations" by Cliff Richard.
"All Sorts of Everything" - Dana (1970)
Written by Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith, this was Ireland's very first win; it now has seven to its credit and would be the country using the most Eurovision wins. There was a little bit bit of controversy as Dana was from Derry in Northern Ireland (she was basically born in London to a Derry loved ones and grew up in Derry) however was representing the Republic of Ireland in lieu of the United kingdom.
This was the song that launched Abba onto the globe. The band had attempted but failed to represent Sweden the prior year with "Ring Ring". 1 with the reasons for its success was that it ignored classic Eurovision style music in favour of a disco sound - disco music was expanding in reputation in the mid-1970s. The song had international achievement, even in the USA where it got to quantity six within the Billboard charts.
"Save Your Kisses For Me" - Brotherhood of Man (1976)
Brotherhood of Man became identified as an Abba copycat band, following the format of two male and two female singers with catchy tunes. Written by Lee Sheriden, and later adapted by Tony Hiller and Martin Lee, it became the largest selling Eurovision Song Contest winner and was a number a single in six countries. Inside the USA, it reached number twenty-seven in the Billboard charts.
"Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" - Céline Dion (1988)
Written by Attila Sereftug and Nella Martinetti, the title means " don't leave with no me" in English. It was a bit of a flop in terms of record sales for any Eurovision winner and failed to create the top ten in any country. It won the contest by just one vote more than "Go" by Scott Fitzgerald.
"Rock 'n' Roll Kids" - Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan (1994)
Eurovision was speedy turning into Irishvision as this was the third year within a row that the nation had won the contest. Composed by Brendan Graham, it was the first Eurovision winner performed without an orchestra. The only instruments were Paul Harrington's piano and Charlie McGettigan's guitar.
"Wild Dances" - Ruslana (2004)
This marks Ukraine's one and only Eurovision win and Ruslana's memorable overall performance in her skimpy leather outfit possibly paid as a lot a element in its victory because the song itself. Ruslana wrote the song herself and was uncommon for contemporary day Eurovision winners in that it was song partly in Ukrainian and partly in English.
"Hard Rock Hallelujah" - Lordi (2006)
What's this? A heavy rock band winning Eurovision? Certainly not. Well, this can be what occurs when they let the general public vote by text message and there is an internet on which to run a web-based campaign. The outcome was a refreshing modify from significantly of the blandness that had gone ahead of.
The ideal Eurovision Song Contest Winner Ever
You will find, naturally, some memorable songs that didn't make the above list for instance "Boom Bang-a-Bang" by Lulu, "Making Your Thoughts Up" by Bucks Fizz and "Rock Me" by Riva, but out of these that did it genuinely is really a tough selection in between the catchiness of Sandie Shaw, the disco of Abba and also the challenging rock of Lordi. "Puppet on a String" probably just clinches it.If you like celine please Visit our celine wallet! Happy shopping!