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posted on 24 Sep 2013 09:12 by ogerspacan1982
Some young semi experienced musicians are arranging a tour that may possibly contain some dates within the USA. I referred to as the CBP and they confidently assured me that an O or perhaps a P status, which might be obtained at the border, could be just the ticket. Additional, the O status would permit them to bring their "merch" - shirts, CDs, and so on - that they sell at shows.
Some points about these fellows:
they under no circumstances have written contracts with all the venues, and frequently there isn't even an e-mail trail, even though I think "can you e-mail me that, I will need proof for the border" would work
two on the three carry out below stage names that happen to be not in their passports
I told the telephone particular person all of this and he was certain that O was just the thing they necessary.
He said "I'm sending you a hyperlink but don't be concerned about anything it says about application. They could just request O status at the border." Properly the page about O-1 on the USCIS website is terrifying. It sure sounds like you need to be Justin or Celine to qualify.
I know they could sneak in and say they were visting buddies. I know they could arrange to have their merch shipped to their venues. I want them to perform this proper and if they qualify to be admitted appropriately, that's what they should do. It really is what adults do. But if they book all these dates, arrive in the border using a trunk complete of merch, and get turned away and laughed at for thinking they would qualify - or worse, get a note on their files so none of them can even take a look at within the future - properly that is a pretty poor outcome.
So just how extraordinary do you might want to be to qualify for O? If it really is just "extraordinary adequate to become invited by a US venue to perform" then fine.
I've just been via the details gathering session for the friends of ours that are skaters to get a P Visa and there are many criteria that one particular definitely has to match:
They have to become with each other for a minimum of 1 year
They've to possess verifiable proof of their capacity such as: articles in reputable publications about their achievements, diplomas, and so forth
Since some of them carry out under stage name the link must be established among stage and genuine names.
Both O and P visas are perform visas, so an "agent", which can be an employer or maybe a person contracting them to get a gig will must supply proof that they are going to be functioning whilst inside the nation and what they're going to be undertaking.
Now this is for P visa. The O visa from what I have been told by the identical lawyer you might ought to be a Justin Bieber or Celine Dion if we're speaking about the musicians, or a winner of World Cup/Olympic Games if we are talking about athletes.
And a single final factor. I don't think the rules are various for Canadian citizens but for everyone else the border handle cannot situation O or P visas this could only be completed by a consular worker with information and facts from USCIS.If you like celine please Visit our celine online store! Happy shopping!